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Hanwei BX166 Pen Type Gas Leak Detector


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It is specially designed for the home-user for detecting combustible gas leakage in the kitchen of the house and apartment. The detection is in quality and the detection result is for personal reference.


Auto zero calibration

Fast response and resume

Easy to operate

Visual and audible alarming signal

Low battery voltage alert

Variety sound for different status


Gas leakage detection in quality at home


Measuring gas Natural gas (CH4), LPG (C3H8)
Measuring range 0-100%LEL
Preset alarm level Low alarm: 20%LEL     High alarm: 50%LEL
Response time T90<5s
Measuring type Diffuse naturally
Operating temperature -20~55℃
Operating humidity <95%RH (no condensation)
Operating power 2pcs of 1.5V AA batteries
Operating current 139mA
Working time More than 3 hours (no alarming status) continuously
Alarm method Visual and audible signal
Sensor lifespan More than 3 years
Dimension and weight About 75g with blister card

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